Кругосветка Желтого Человечка - Дания, Швеция, Канада, Германия ... продолжение следует !

Проект «Путешествие Мистера АТ»

В далеком Ноябре 2011 года, учениками Сenter AT был запущен проект путешествие Mr AT. Летом 2012 года когда о нем почти все забыли и считали его пропавшим мы получили письмо следующего содержания

"Hey!! How are you doing?? Mr. AT is on his way to Ireland where he will be then sent on to France then Belgium and then on to Denmark. After that he is supposed to be sent to Germany. I have a HUGE pile of pictures to send to your students. He went with us on vacation. We took him with us on a drive from Indiana to Boston and then to W. Virginia. We took pictures lots of places. We are going to take a picture on top of park hill tomorrow and then we are going to go to walmart and send out our pictures. I have it scheduled so it WILL happen"

А это значит что проект живет и скоро мы сможем увидеть фотографии нашего путешественника. УРА!!!






И вот наш человечек побывал в Канаде!!!! На снимке Mr.Howard Woods (6 марта 2016 года)

Dear Juliana,

Кругосветка mr.AT - сейчас он в Канаде!

I have taken two photos of Mister AT. These two photos were taken just after a 52 Centimeter snow storm which is very typical for a Canadian winter. In both photos I am holding Mister AT in front of our house in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the capital of Canada. One view is straight on to the front of the house; in the other photo, the photo is a front-and-side view showing two sides of the house.
The house is a typical Victorian farmer's house built in 1897 during Queen Victoria' reign.
I appreciate your work in helping Mister AT travel and helping him to open up your students' curiosity. I remember Temirtau fondly from my trip to your school, the President's Museum and the Tropical Botanical Garden.
Let me know if you received the photos in good condition. They contain.6,000 kilo bites. 
All the best wishes,

Mr.AT побывал в Швеции и Дании

Mr AT has been travelling to Sweden and Denmark. I enclose: 
Picture 1: Outside Göteborg (Gothenburg) central station. 

Picture 2: Outside Göteborg main post office
Главпочтамп Гётебурга, Швеция

Picture 3: By the Royal Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Королевский Дворец в Копенгагене, Дания

Soon - Visit to Stockholm 

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